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Septic Solutions

Design, Install, Repair, Inspect and more.

Septic Design and Install

We provide septic designs for all residential systems. We handle the entire process from start to finish. We conduct lot and soil assessments to determine the type of system that will function best on the property. We consult with the homeowner to ensure their concerns are met. Soil tests are done and percolation tests are done to ensure the efficiency of the system. And test pits are dug to determine the best area for the septic field. Future use of the property is also discussed and helps determine the best area for the system and for the homeowner. We include all the necessary paperwork and application forms for filing with the health authority, regional districts and the cities, as is required. This simplifies the process for the homeowner. Each type of system requires a different and unique design and installation to function to maximum potential.

We print an extra copy of the plans and on completion the homeowner receives a complete set of plans as built with maintenance instructions and all required paperwork.

Some of the steps required for a full septic design and install include:

  • Soil assessments to determine type of system and best location
  • Excavate and install needed septic tanks
  • Excavate the trenches to install all piping
  • Build the septic dispersal field/ lagoon as per all pertinent regulations and practices.
  • We include installation of any needed filters, pumps and alarms for the system.

Electrical connections must be done by a certified electrician and are the home owners or contractors responsibility.

Some of the septic system services we provide are designing and installing the following types of systems:

  • Standard trench gravity septic systems
  • Pressurized trench septic systems
  • Inground bed septic systems
  • Sand mound septic systems
  • Lagoon septic systems

We specialize in non pressure and pressurized septic systems that meet SSR (Sewerage System Regulations) and SPM 3 (Standard Practice Manual) of British Columbia.

Septic Repairs and Inspections

We also repair damaged septic systems, replace missing and broken pipes and parts to make the system function properly and replace failing septic systems with an upgraded system that meets the SSR and SPM .

We can repair faulty lagoons that have not been properly maintained. Issues for lagoons are things like vegetation invading the lagoon or not properly fenced. Or tree growth causing poor evaporation in the lagoon.  We can design a better lagoon system and have the equipment to make repairs if needed.

Meeting safety and health and environmental standards is our first concern.

Each system will have a unique maintenance procedure, specific to the system installed at that residence. We can check filters, and tank levels, and obvious leakage, pump operation and alarm functioning, just to name a few. We do not have a pumper truck so do not empty the tanks if required.

Maintaining a septic system is checking all the components to ensure it is working efficiently and meets all provincial requirements. Scheduled maintenance is explained in the manual we prepare for the homeowner once installation is complete.  The maintenance plan will have instructions  for septic tanks, filters, pumps, alarms, floats, piping, and drain fields indicating where things are and what to check in order to keep the system functioning at optimal performance.

Residential septic inspections are often required by realtors or new home owners purchasing a previously owned home. We inspect the full system with specialized pipe cameras and line tracers if required for any flaws or concerns in the system which may cause inefficiency or failure of the system.

Tanks are required to be pumped prior to inspection.

If any issues are found we repair if needed.  We use a mini excavator to dig out the area needed to be repaired so as to do as little damage to the property as possible.

Pipe inspection

Lot Excavation and Land Clearing

We are certified and fully insured in all aspects of the development of residential lots and utilities and work with all other trades in property development.

We have a variety of equipment to clear and develop building lots including:

  • Excavators to remove and pile trees and vegetation to clear the lot
  • Skid steer  for moving materials around the lot filling small areas that the owner would like leveled.
  • Dump truck for bringing sand, gravel and other materials into the lot as well as hauling unwanted materials out of the lot as per owners request.
  • We use a laser level system for services and footings when needed.

When lot clearing we work with the land owner and building contractors to make the job go as smooth as possible to reduce any time loss.

In addition to land or lot clearing our equipment and operators can be hired for: 

  • installing culverts
  • digging basements
  • installing underground services
  • sell and deliver sand / gravel
  • digging lagoons